Our AML policy (AML – anti-money laundering) here at Corwallet is based on management of customers compliance risks, and it also oversees:   

  • constant compliance with the requirements represented by the national and international laws, regulations and sanctions;
  • implementation of “Know Your Customer” and “Customer Activity Monitoring ” principles;
  • determination and reporting of the suspicious transactions;
  • ensurance of reputation and brand values of the company towards public organizations and authorities.

Risk-based approach allows to measure risks of potential laundering of crime proceeds based on the field of activity and to activate appropriate means and methods to mitigate and control such risks. To prevent laundering of crime proceeds and financing of terrorism, Corwallet has implemented and arranged a set of measures with a risk-based approach, including monitoring of customers’ transactions, related reporting, retention of records, organization of training activities and performance of internal audit. All these measures ensure that any risks falling under the money-laundering scope are under control and guidance of the company.